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Bad Cat Amplifiers Introduced “The Ultimate Blackface” Amp for $1,299 and Didn’t Tell Us

<img src="” /> Boutique Roots Bad Cat Tube Amplifiers was founded in 1999 on the basic principle Mark Sampson brought over from Matchless Amplification, to hand-craft classic circuits using superior components and materials. Many of the early Bad Cat amps … Continue reading

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Bursting the Boutique Bubble

The Bad News Those who have attended the NAMM show over the past decade have noticed a disturbing trend amongst manufacturers of boutique guitars and amplifiers. It seems that rather than applying the global principles of efficiency that are essential to survival … Continue reading

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Warm Strings/ Bright Amp: The 60’s Tone Secret Revealed

Have you ever wondered why the flagship amps created by Fender, Marshall, and Vox during the 60’s were so dang bright? The reason why is because these circuits were developed around the piano quality nickel alloy strings being used during … Continue reading

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The “Schaffer Sound” is Back!

The Solodallas Story  In 1974 American inventor Ken Schaffer introduced the first commercially available wireless system for electric guitar and bass. Little did he know he was also creating a circuit that would revolutionize the sound of rock and roll. A consummate … Continue reading

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How to Assemble Lava Solderless Patch Cables Without Shredding Your Fingertips

Okay, We’ve all seen those whiner posts from guys who just rewired their entire pedalboard with a Lava Cable solderless kit. They usually mention raw fingertips, copper splinters, cables that take 3 to 4 attempts before they work, and end … Continue reading

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How to Maximize Your Tube Amp’s Harmonic Saturation

Have you ever recorded a clean guitar track only to notice it sounds remarkably fuller and slightly more overdriven after it runs through the preamp and plug-ins designed to accentuate natural frequencies? Harmonic distortion is playing a big part in … Continue reading

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Bad Cat Cub III Review

The other day I had an opportunity to demo the final version of the Cub III 40. As a Bad Cat beta tester, I’ve had the privilege of sampling the Cub III series throughout it’s various developmental stages, as well … Continue reading

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