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  1. Anthony Sikora says:

    Just read your artile about 5 things to do to make you VOXAC15 sound better. Great information. Hi I just bought a AC15AC1, it sounds okay, not as good as the one in store. It seems like some sound good and others not so much. The main issue is that the sound is not very forward or crisp like a Fender tube amp. It almost sound like it has the modeling amp dullness or lag. Before I return it, I’m wondering of you think a new speaker may help, or new tubes. That is as much as I would like to invest to make the sound more present. The other upgrade you mentioned in your article is beyond my need. Thanks

    • tonesmiths says:

      If it doesn’t sound as good as other stock AC15s and you can still return it, I recommend exchanging it for a better example before investing in upgrades for it. Korg isn’t very particular about measuring the tolerances on components that go into their mass produced amps. The handwired and custom shop series are much more consistent. There’s a chance yours could have some components values that aren’t as musical as others.

    • Carl Salazar says:

      I saw your article about improving your ac15 and thing that seemed what would make the biggest improvement would be to replace the speaker. Is the replacing the speaker a straightforward process.

      • tonesmiths says:

        The whole process only takes about 30 minutes. Tools needed are a Phillips screwdriver and socket driver. If you don’t solder you can simply slip the connectors off of the old speaker and onto the new one. Piece of cake!

  2. eddy moore says:

    Just to change the topic “a little” ever try the Bad Cat Celestion speaker in a ALBION TCT35C – I was ready to buy a Vox AC15 till I found this amp USED at a great price – several reviews state the speaker is the only limiting issue with this amp

  3. Tony John says:

    How about recommendations on how to improve the new VOX AC-10?

    • tonesmiths says:

      I would also recommend a set PM tubes for the AC10C1 to increase headroom and sweeten up the saturation. The G10 Gold Celestion is a good alnico speaker for these amps as is the more affordable Jensen P10R.

  4. David Hale says:

    Hi I’m doing an upgrade on AC15C1 with Blue Alnico speakers. Can you soder on the premium speaker cable and the pancake plug or 1/4 female jack for me? order #1161 that’s my order number. I also bought the full retube kit if PMs. I read the article about upgrading the vox and fixing the issues with the sound. I’ve definitely noticed he low note problem the ice pick highs which are annoying and over shadows a lot of your tone. Also is hoping this I fixes this rattling noise problem I have when I playing my Low E and A string. It sounds like the reverb take is rattling from the bass? It’s only noticeable when cranked at a lot at about 10 o clock and further on. Any input on a issue like that? I have a few different guitars with different setups and the same thing occurs. I’ve only now started noticing it really bad the past week. It’s a very annoying sound that comes from within the amp and it’s also not the strings buzzing on the frets as it’s only a sound amplifying through the amp.

    • tonesmiths says:

      David, thanks for reading the Tonesmiths Report and for ordering the recommended Bad Cat speaker from us. I saw your order come in today. We’ll include the speaker cable and connector for you.
      Your rattle sounds like it is being generated by a microphonic reverb driver tube. The PM retune should resolve that. You’re going to love how much fuller your amp sounds after these easy upgrades.

      • David Hale says:

        I appreciate the response. I’m very excited to see what it sounds like after the upgrades are made. Based on reading the article it seems to make a big difference in sound and overall clarity once you do all the upgrades you recommend. Main thing for me is to get rid of that rattling noise I mentioned earlier that’s my main issue with it and I’ve done some research and it seems to be a common issue in these amps. Really kinda wish I went with a higher end amp that doesn’t go cheap on their parts. Would you recommend a upgrade from a AC15 or AC30? Seems as though Vox’s quality is dimensioning from the mass production. I’m really into pretty warm harmonizing clean sounds with reverb, delay and tremolo. Also like to play around with overdrive too. Would Orange as good upgrade by chance or even Badcat? Thinking of head and cab setup and get away from the combo amps. I’m sort of a tone freak now and I want to get something that produces amazing cleans. I don’t have really a budget but I don’t care to spend 1500 for a boutique amp if it delivers a amazing sound with no issues like the ac15 or ac30s have that you wrote a article about. Thanks for the cable install on my Badcat speaker. You’re very wise when it comes to this stuff.


      • tonesmiths says:

        Bad Cat just introduced an amp at NAMM that would be perfect for you. It’s a premium version of a AC15 1×12 combo for $1,299. It includes a two button footswitch to select a 12AX7 or EF86 preamp and engage a lead boost. It also has spring reverb and comes with Bad Cat’s lifetime warranty. We’re waiting on pictures from Bad Cat so we can add them to the Tonesmiths website. We should have them available for purchase through the website within the next two weeks.

  5. David Hale says:

    Awesome thanks for the recommendation. I was really looking into buying a head amp and then a cabniet amp to pair it with though instead of a combo amp that has it all in one. That’s what I’m trying to get away from actually. What would you recommend for me in that category? More expensive I’m aware but I feel it would be worth it in the long run for the quality of sound of chasing. Trying to get into the American made market or UK, and get away from the Chinese amps and their use of cheap parts. Thanks for the advice and everything so far though.


  6. David Hale says:

    Hey man I was just wondering what day my Badcat speaker will ship. Just trying to get a idea when it should arrive. Order #1161. Also will I get a tracking number with it too?

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