How to Assemble Lava Solderless Patch Cables Without Shredding Your Fingertips

Okay, We’ve all seen those whiner posts from guys who just rewired their entire pedalboard with a Lava Cable solderless kit. They usually mention raw fingertips, copper splinters, cables that take 3 to 4 attempts before they work, and end with the hash tag #neveragain.

After wiring quite a few pedalboards with these cables, I discovered a foolproof way to assemble Lava solderless cables that saves time, frustration, and pain.

I welcome any tips or tricks anyone reading this has picked up along the way in the comments section below.


 How to Assemble Lava Solderless Patch Cables

1. Use sharp scissors to cut cable to length.


2. Gently squeeze cable with needle nose pliers to make it round again.

(This is extremely important since it aligns the center cable with the pin located inside the 1/4″ plug).


3. Remove outer sleeve about ¼” back from tip using Lava tool.


4. Use sharp scissors to neatly trim any stray braided wires protruding beyond the tip.


5. Insert cable into shaft of plug and finger tighten.


6. Test each solderless connector by touching the open wires or plug on the other end with your finger while giving it a wiggle.

(I recommend keeping a small test amp on your workbench for convenience)


7. If it passes QC, use a pair or pliers to tighten the post.

(Finger tightened cables inevitably work their way loose and cause problems)


Note: Avoid the temptation to straighten braided copper cables with your fingers whenever possible. This practice combined with attempting to get connectors super tight with your bare hands will result in the raw fingertips full of copper splinters. No fun for a guitarists!

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