About Tonesmiths

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The Tonesmiths concept came about as a result of working with professional musicians and boutique manufacturers to design and create signature guitars and amplifiers to help them realize the tone they’ve been chasing after their entire life. Over time, we have developed working relationships with two of the best musical instrument manufacturers in their perspective fields, Bad Cat Tube Amplifiers of Southern California and Taylor McGrath Custom Guitars of Sydney, Australia. We are now working exclusively with these companies to bring this ‘A List’ level of service to any guitarist desiring to make the tone they have always dreamed of a reality. Depending on features, these hand tailored instruments usually cost no more than many off-the-shelf boutique products, yet we can offer a level of personalized service and quality that is unmatched in the current boutique market.


Bad Cat Tube Amplifiers takes a no compromise approach when designing and producing tube amplifiers to our customers’ specifications. Their Custom Shop is capable of creating hand built, true point-to-point, mil spec renditions of any classic circuit. They build each amplifier with over spec transformers and the finest studio grade components available and back up their quality with a transferrable lifetime warranty. Bad Cat has worked with nearly every A list guitarist in the music industry today and they take great pleasure in every step of the tedious process of building amps to suit each artist’s needs. The end result is an amplifier that reacts as an organic extension of the original tone that is created when the player’s fingers meet their strings. This is the reason these Bad Cat owner’s abandon their tone quest once they plug into their personal amp for the first time and preach the gospel of Bad Cat tone everywhere they go.
Taylor McGrath and his team of professional luthiers are building, as they put it, “the best guitars on the planet”. They have built masterful creations of every solid body, carve top, and hollow body guitar for some of the most well respected tone freaks, Keith Urban included. The Tonesmiths begin the process of designing each Custom Shop instrument by asking our customers to “describe the guitar of their dreams”. Then Taylor McGrath makes that dream come true. The building process begins by Taylor personally hand selecting the finest tone woods for each instrument. Since TMG requires the freedom to cut the grain in the direction that creates a flow of resonance that connects every part of the guitar with the tightest fit possible, they use no precut woods. Their hardware is custom made for them by Callaham and Gotoh using German steel and heavy plating. Even the screws attaching the hardware are hardened steel. The electronics are made to vintage specifications all the way down to the capacitors that are handmade one at a time. TMG is capable of duplicating any historic pickup design and hand winding it to whatever resistance is required for the artist to find the perfect blend of tones as they work their way through pickup positions. If desired, they also use proprietary techniques for relic’ing their guitars in a way that makes them indistinguishable from a vintage instrument that has naturally worn and oxidized over time. The sum of these parts is a perfectly set up instrument that plays and sounds like a Stradivarius and looks and feels like an old friend.

Here’s a sample of the kind of magic that happens when you join two master builders like Bad Cat and TMG…


(visit us at http://www.tonesmiths.com)

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